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Your wedding day is fast approaching and you are all excited. While you are hoping to make this day a memorable one for the rest of your life, don’t forget there are going to be guests. You will also want to make your guest feel as comfortable and have fun during the wedding as much as possible. This is no longer the era when people came to a wedding all well dressed and behaving like they were having a meeting with the Queen of England. Today, weddings are more relaxed and you are likely to find people getting involved in different activities. While you want to be the center of attention on your big day, you can be sure no one really leaves their house to come and sit for two to three hours or even more to watch you and your husband. That is why you need some fun activities at the wedding.

Get a comedian

Weddings are supposed to be happy events but sometimes the only happy people at the event are sometimes the couple who are so happy to be joined together in matrimony they become oblivious of every other thing around them. The guests are sometimes left feeling miserable especially if the organization is poor. That is where a comedian can be useful. Hire a comedian with good skills to come in and make the guests laugh.

Get a photo booth

A photo booth is a great way to keep people happy and interested throughout a wedding reception. Even if you don’t think this is a great idea, you will be surprised at the long queues that will be beside the booth. This is not because people don’t have cameras or that it is a replacement for a professional photographer. It is just a fun way for people to immortalize the day and possibly send pictures to friends who were not chanced to attend. It is possible to find the best photo booths for hire online for very affordable prices.

Organize a group dance

For the wedding, the bride and her friends can perform a choreographed dance just to while the time away and entertain the guest. This dance could even end up including every guest in the hall just for fun. It is a fun way to end the wedding party.

Spy Games

This is one activity that you can get everyone involved even kids. Ask the guests to try and capture as many special moments of the day as possible and give them an address where they can upload the pictures. You will be surprised at the kind of pictures that the guests were able to capture. These are pictures that the professional photographer may not have been able to get or missed completely.

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